Ahmedabad Textile Mill-Owner’s Association Building

– Vatsal Shah Ahmedabad Textile Mill-Owner’s Association Building or ATMA House as it is often called is one of my favourite buildings in Ahmedabad. A shining example of late Modernist Movement in Architecture, it makes Ahmedabad proud as being one of the four buildings designed by the Great Master Le-Corbusier here. It is the Mill-Owner’s Association’s head-quarters, and was completed in 1954. Ahmedabad was very active in Textile trade at… Read More »Ahmedabad Textile Mill-Owner’s Association Building

Some Haikus & A Poem

-Vatsal Shah These Haikus and Poem were published in the book “Memories & Mirages” which is an anthology of short stories and poems, in 2018 by Moments Publication. To read the book click the following link: https://issuu.com/vatsalbshah7/docs/memories___mirages_pdf_251217 Haikus Haiku is a form of Japanese Poetry. It is a short piece of only 3 lines, written in 5-7-5 syllable format. It is meant to provoke thought and create an evocative image… Read More »Some Haikus & A Poem

Wait Till I Tell You

A Short Story -Vatsal Shah [Title Story of the Anthology of short stories and poems, “Wait Till I Tell You”, edited by Vatsal Shah, published in 2017 by Moments Publishers. To read the book online, click the following link: https://issuu.com/vatsalbshah7/docs/wait_till_i_tell_you_pdf] Yogi changes flights twice before he lands in Melbourne in the early hours of morning and takes the bus to the Youth Hostel at Spencer Street. Yogi was selected as… Read More »Wait Till I Tell You

Maximizing Outdoor Spaces in Apartments

– Vatsal Shah In recent times Ahmedabad’s realty map has seen a rise in the number of apartments and mini townships full of flats. Increasing number of nuclear families and perhaps concerns regarding maintenance and connectivity are believed to be the driving force behind this trend. Most of these apartments have luxuries of common amenities; facilities like libraries, gardens, swimming pools, spas, children’s play area and day care centers, etc.… Read More »Maximizing Outdoor Spaces in Apartments

A STUDY OF THE JAIN TEMPLE OF AJITNATH AT TARANGA: Multiplicity of Meaning in a Temple Form

-by Vatsal Shah (Architect & Interior Designer) [Synopsis of the undergraduate Thesis submitted in final year, Diploma in Architecture in 1998. This Thesis won two gold-medals. One from School of Architecture, CEPT, Ahmedabad, and another from Gujarat Institute of Civil Engineers and Architects.] INTRODUCTION             The Ajitnath Temple at Taranga (A.D. 1152-74) is an example of Maru-Gurjara Style of architecture which developed in Western India in the 11th century. The… Read More »A STUDY OF THE JAIN TEMPLE OF AJITNATH AT TARANGA: Multiplicity of Meaning in a Temple Form