Publications & Awards




2 Gold Medals, Best Graduating Student, CEPT








Rotary Club Appreciation Award 2017





Rotary Club Recognition Award 2018




Rotary Club Awards 2019




Rotary Means Business Chapter Award 2019 & Installed as Hon. Secretary for 2020






Ahmedabad International Literature Festival Panelist 2016








L J Institute Award for Guiding Students in Archetype program





Interview in Ahmedabad Mirror Dec. 2016




Interview in Vaastuyogam Magazine Dec. 2016






D Decor Panelist in Discussion 2017









Research Synopsis published in Abhinandan Granth 2017

Article in Times of India's House Hunt magazine Oct. 2019










Yug Designs Volume V, July 2010




Yug Designs Volume VI June 2011





Yug Designs Volume VII Sep. 2014





Yug Design VIII April 2015  





Yug Design Volume IX Oct. 2015










Yug Designs Volume X June 2016





Yug Designs Volume XI April 2017





Anthology of Short Stories & Poems, Wait Till I Tell You, 2017




Anthology of Short Stories & Poems, Memories & Mirages, 2018