Maximizing Outdoor Spaces in Apartments

– Vatsal Shah

In recent times Ahmedabad’s realty map has seen a rise in the number of apartments and mini townships full of flats. Increasing number of nuclear families and perhaps concerns regarding maintenance and connectivity are believed to be the driving force behind this trend.

Most of these apartments have luxuries of common amenities; facilities like libraries, gardens, swimming pools, spas, children’s play area and day care centers, etc. Another interesting facet of these properties is their high end security apparatus.

In apartments any outdoor space, however small it may be, is a privilege which cannot be wasted at any cost. Contemporary urban planning leaves all of us with a small balcony and for some lucky ones two to three of these.

Foyers of modern day apartments are shared and often wasted. Consider personalizing the space adjoining the flat entrance for the owner by wall paneling, name plates, safety doors, shoe racks or a small pew for sitting and wearing your footwear. Installing sculptures highlighted through focused lighting would definitely strike a chord with your guests!

Sharing some innovative and creative ideas to maximize your balcony space by giving it a makeover at minimal cost and effort:

*Consider using artificial lawn or artificial wooden flooring in the balconies to have an oudoor space look and feel. Artificial in this case because real wooden flooring will not be able to bear sun and rain.

*Organize space saving accessories such as a folding table to hold laptop which enables you to make efficient use of your balcony as a work station.

*Go for natural material when doing up the outdoor spaces – wicker chairs, a cane swing, a rough stone bench.

*Attach planters to the balcony railings or vertically on the wall, and use the free space for placing a recliner.

*Hang up hammocks to creatively utilize the balconies.

*Paint the stools and planters in bright colours to add a dash of vivaciousness to the space.

Use this space for moments of introspections, to catch up with your friends, or simply to spend some quality time with your family.

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